Friday, November 26

Tessa Fowler - Gold Bikini Shower

Hey guys! I'm ready and set with another winner of an HD video here for you,
stripping down out of my sexy gold bikini here while this warm summery shower douses me... Just the thing you need for these end of summer blues!

Tuesday, November 16

Biggest BlackFriday SPIZOO Bundle Ever!


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Sunday, November 14

Jessica Bunnington's Bimbo Fitness Center

Jessica Bunnington's Bimbo Fitness Center

Jessica Bunnington's Bimbo Fitness Center

Perry Layne is working out at Jessica "Jessy Bunny" Bunnington's gym and health spa, where all the trainers are graduates from bimbo school. We have a good idea why guys sign up at this gym.

Today, Perry is attracting the attention of the head bimbo trainer and owner, Jessica herself. Training with weights here can be tricky because the bimbette staff follows Jessica's uniform quidelines: tight, cameltoe shorts, a one-piece bodysuit under a low-cut top and super-high pink heels. When she bends over to pick up a pen she dropped, Perry almost smashes his head on a bar. Ya gotta be careful working out with heavy metal in this fitness center.

Jessica wants to see Perry's lifting form, so she stands by the bench and observes him doing weight exercises. Whammo! That does it. Perry's cock can't take it anymore and pops out of his shorts. Jessica takes swift action by wrapping her hand around it and pumping it.

Jessica lowers her top and drools on his dick. That's an invitation for him to fuck her big boobs. Perry gets a hands-free blow job and fucks Jessica's tits some more. They balance on the bench to do a 69 that makes Jessica cry out with pleasure.

Perry helps Jessica strip down. Naked in heels, Jessica lies back on one of the benches so Perry can fuck her pink bimbo pussy. Jessica's a screamer, and when she's getting fucked, you're going to hear it.

Perry should thank his friends at SCORE for treating him to a membership at Jessica's bimbo fitness center. He could not find a better place to workout if he wanted to.

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Leanne Crow Slips Out Of Her Lingerie

Big Boob glamour babe Leanne Crow slips out of her sexy pink lingerie and shows off her gorgeous breasts.

Friday, November 12

Ricki Raxxx: Bad-ass Babe

Ricki Raxxx: Bad-ass Babe

Ricki Raxxx: Bad-ass Babe

She's bad. She's the baddest of the bad. She's so bad she's good. She likes it rough and she likes it wild. Ricki Raxxx is a rough rider, and she likes being a bad ass.

What's your kink? Ricki Raxxx wants to know.

"My fetish is size," Ricki said. "I have a big-breast fetish. Big breasts and big butts." Ricki loves big boobs. Minka was one of her inspirations.

When she does her stage show, Ricki comes at ya at the speed of boobs. She's a volcano of sexual heat. Be careful or you'll get burned. Watch carefully and observe her swinging leg moves and spread-wide pussy.

Ricki earned her wings on strip club stages. She started dancing at 18 years old and could have become a traveling feature dancer but didn't want to, despite the offers she got. Girls who've never danced professionally in a club before would have a hard time matching her move for move.

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Tuesday, October 12

Gentlemen Prefer Pink

Gentlemen Prefer Pink

Gentlemen Prefer Pink

"Are all the Czech girls as naughty as you?" our lady SCORELAND interviewer asks Veronika after she walks into the living room. She's wearing a blouse that might as well have the slogan "Czech out my boobs" printed on it.

Veronika first appeared at SCORELAND in 2005. She was blonde and brand new. She's redhaired in this scene and several others. Later on, she went back to blonde.

Veronika does the titty-shake dance for our appreciative talent coordinator. She promises Veronika that a Czech dude is on the way over and tells her to take off all her clothes. This will prepare her for the stud she's ordered.

"Why don't you lay down for me," she tells the now totally nude Veronika. "I've got your man here. Nice, big, hard cock. Fuck the shit out of you." Veronika lays back on the couch and her dick delivery-man comes over, dropping his drawers so Veronika can suck. He goes down on her for some natural lubing, then gives her cock from behind.

Veronika sits on top and grinds. She gets on her back for a a hot beef injection in missionary and side-ways, which results in an orgasm. Kneeling and cupping her big tits for cum, Veronika hasn't long to wait for her nut-juice reward.

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Wednesday, September 1

Tigerr Benson: Double Penetration

Tigerr Benson: Double Penetration

Tigerr Benson: Double Penetration

Tigerr Benson's super-busty, and she has a hot body. She's beautiful. She's bright. She's an exotic Asian Brit with a sexy British accent and a very dirty mind. She's got a wild appetite for nasty sex. She's got it all.

SCORE: Tigerr, What do you like better: one-on-one sex, a two guy threesome, or a guy and girl threesome? And why do you like it better? Tell us about that.

Tigerr: Mmmm, well, it's changed for me. I seem to have got more greedy so I prefer guys all to myself. Maybe I'll try a three guy foursome one day. I want to see how that feels, each of my holes filled at the same time. I remember my first DP. I was so nervous and it felt so strange but so good. But it would have to be three guys that are really hot for me. [Laughs] I love attention.

SCORE: What do you enjoy about double penetration? Do you cum harder than through vaginal orgasms alone?

Tigerr: A little "sexcret." I actually started liking anal more than vaginal, but feeling another guy filling me as well as a guy in my ass is super hot for me. I do cum harder because it seems dirtier. I have a dirty mind and sometimes it makes me cum more than what's happening in my holes.

SCORE: When did you first start having anal sex and double penetrations?

Tigerr: I think my first anal was when I was really young. But my first boyfriends were Chinese really big. It wasn't painful. Double penetration...I only had my first last year. Actually I don't really get many requests for DP but I never say no.

SCORE: In your private life, you prefer sex with two men?

Tigerr: No, not really, because it's just almost impossible to find two guys that will want to get that close to each other. It's hard enough to find one guy that can give me what I want. [Laughs]

SCORE: How should a guy handle your boobs? Hard sucking or soft? Rough or gentle?

Tigerr: A bit of both. I like variation. When it's passionate I like to be treated rough. I like to feel the full power of an alpha male.

SCORE: Do the guys you meet spend a lot of time sucking and fucking your tits?

Tigerr: Mmm, some do. Some just suck my boobs, much more than fucking my boobs. They cannot keep their hands off them most of the time. They feel quite soft even though they are large.

SCORE: When you're making videos, is sex more exciting than sex in private?

Tigerr: Definitely. I've always liked being watched and the attention. My ex used to get off watching me with other men, so I liked performing for him. It was hot knowing he was watching me, knowing he was jealous because he didn't have such a big cock and seeing me enjoying it.

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